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The Reviews

  1. This dark, suspenseful crossover defies single genre classifications. The multi-talented Blak Rayne brings us a novel with the emotional depth of a romance, yet the relationship between Z and Brody surpasses everything remotely expected of the romance genre. Grasping for relief and an escape from a life he can no longer endure, Z becomes enthralled by the dark and intelligent, albeit mysterious Brody. It is Brody's mysterious quality that draws Z into a world he never imagined - even darker than his own. Filled with tension, thrills, twists, and smart dialogue, Rayne has made me a fan for life. Initially drawn by the cover, I was pleasantly surprised to find the story even more exciting. I could not put this one down for wanting to find out what would happen next - what Z would find, what Brody would do to him for infiltrating his world, encroaching on his dangerous secrets. If you enjoy a mix of thrills, suspense, mystery, and a deep, yet unusual relationships, you will love "Kiss The Reaper." Exceptionally well-written with well-developed, multi-dimensional characters, this is a dark tale you won't want to miss. Five stars.
    Jordan Stringfellow (Amazon - Kiss the Reaper)
  2. I was gifted a copy of this story in return for an honest review. The story is well-crafted and kept me engaged. I could not put it down until I finished the whole thing. It's a dark story of a young male prostitute who has a client like no other, and he eventually finds out why. I would recommend this book to lovers of dark erotica and M/M erotica. While the story is dark, there is an air of hope to it also. It was my first encounter with Blak Rayne, and sure not to be my last!
    T. Meerschaert (Amazon - Kiss the Reaper)
  3. If you have never read a work by Blak Rayne, you are in for a spellbinding ride. I guarantee you will not put the book down until you have devoured every last word. Her tales are gripping, relevant, fast paced, spine-tingling and filled with drama.
    M. Chrissy (Amazon - Maximum Kill)
  4. I am hooked on this series! It’s always impressive when an author writes so well that you find yourself falling in love with characters who should be unlikable, at least based on social morés, and Rayne exhibits this ability in spades. Brody is an assassin, and Zeus paints himself as a simpering male prostitute; however, as you get to know them, things are not as they seem. This dark, unusual love story has a unique beauty. The author also has a special way with metaphors that pull you into each scene. I took a break from my to-do list and read it in 20 minutes, and like each installment in the series, Jack’s jaunt with Zeus and Brody is intense and action packed. One of my favorite things about the Reaper series is being afforded the privileged vantage point of watching Brody and Zeus discover layers of themselves as their relationship grows. If you enjoy stories and series with highly developed, multi-dimensional characters and a story that leaves you panting for the next, I highly suggest following this series from book one. A definitive 5 stars!
    Jordan Stringfellow (Amazon - Jack the Anthropophagite)
  5. A young Native man has been in love with an older white man almost half his life. He struggles to prove that their age difference and the fact they're gay doesn't matter when it comes to how they feel for one another. The story was engrossing and the characters were very realistic. The only thing I didn't like was that story ended too soon.
    Enjoji (Smashwords - Older the Better)
  6. Police Officer Carson MacKenzie is a complicated man out on workman’s comp, suffering physical and emotional problems from an automobile accident. He has always been a man of strength but seldom expresses his feelings, keeping them bottled up inside. He suffers from migraines, shortness of breath and tightness in his chest when dealing with stress since the accident until he explodes in anger, rage and tears. I kept hoping he would try to reveal his feelings and problems to his husband Stephen. Their relationship becomes more and more strained while he tries to steer clear of involvement with his sister’s and parents marital problems. And when he keeps being plagued by the stalker, Dudley, he comes close to a nervous breakdown. The interpersonal relationships are life and kept me turning the pages. I found myself compassionate and identifying with every aspect of Carson and the situations he faced. After 20 years of police work, he must decide on a new profession. He has difficulty relinquishing the role of the man of strength and dominance with Stephen until he realizes his husband may leave him which would devastate Carson. You will find yourself cheering on Carson and Stephen as their relationship evolves with more depth and greater love.The sexual scenes are written with sensitivity and originality. Any dog lover will find yourself loving the dogs Carson fosters then adopts. I give Carson’s Story five stars. I loved this book and fell in love with the hero as he overcomes all the life changing challenges he confronts.
    Pablo Michaels (Smashwords - Crason's Story)